At Bloomberg, we connect decision makers in business, finance and government to a dynamic network of information, news, people and ideas that enable faster, more effective decisions. Bloomberg opened its first Indian office in Mumbai in 1996 and today has offices across the country in National Capital Region, Bangalore and our flagship location at One IndiaBulls Center in Mumbai.

Bloomberg is a leading provider of local and global financial information to Indian businesses, banks, government ministries and universities. The India team has established working relationships with key government associations and regulatory bodies to ensure that local requirements are met.

We serve both global and local customers across the Indian sub-continent including Sri Lanka and Bangladesh. The Bloomberg India team is comprised of Sales, News, Data Acquisition, Analytics, Global Technical Support and Field Service and Installation. 

Bloomberg is the leading provider of financial information to Indian businesses

Market-Moving News

News is a defining resource for Bloomberg. Over 2,300 experienced journalists in India and across the world cover business, markets and asset classes such as fixed income and commodities. When a story breaks in India and beyond, we work to get the story first, accurately and with crucial context to fuel action. Get access to the fastest and most in-depth news on the Bloomberg Professional service and across a wide range of multimedia: Bloomberg TV India, Bloomberg Businessweek, Bloomberg Markets magazines and online at Our content is available on mobile apps for smartphones and tablets. So anytime developments happen—from India to Europe, North America to Asia–Bloomberg keeps business and financial leaders in touch.

Local service tailored to India

Bloomberg India’s Analytics desk assists clients with requests in Hindi. This dedicated local-language support team and our on-site client trainings and conferences are offered to Indian customers as part of our commitment to world-class service.